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This site is dedicated to providing the best of what Studio 18 has to offer all in one place.  After a decade of being in business, Studio 18 has comprised the best of the best of their services.  From luxury events to health and fitness Studio 18 has you covered.   Browse this site and contact Studio 18 to receive help on any of the services below.  Visit www.dancestudio18.com for normal services.

Stardust Luxury Cruises & Events

Studio 18 is an agent of Stardust Dance Productions and is proud to offer dance getaways for the perfect dancing experience.  Whether you're looking for a beautiful cruise to get away, or you just want a luxury stay at a 5 star resort in New York while being treated to gourmet buffets, dance worhsops, professinal dance shows and more; Studio 18 has what you need.  Stay connected with Studio 18 in order to see what event are coming up next. With multiple events throughout the year, you're sure to have a blast. 

Visit www.stardustdance.com  & Contact James Smith owner of Studio 18 and your Stardust agent in order to get details and ticket information on any Stardust events coming up. 

Competitions Showcases & Dance Team

Studio 18 offers dance showcases and competitions for those that have the desire to perform and strut their stuff.  If you have ever wanted to be a part of a dance team then Studio 18 is a perfect team to join.  Perform at major sporting events and other professional events.  We can take you from a non-experienced dancer to a performer.  All it takes is a little dedication and practice.  We have dance opportunities locally, statewide, and internationally.  Don't hesitate to contact Studio18 about your dancing future today!  


Health & Fitness

Studio 18 prides themselves in staying physcially fit and ready to help others reach their dancing and fitness goals.  Still teaching, perfoming, competing and social dancing, Studio 18 uses scientifically proven effective Advocare supplements which are endorsed by many profressional athletes in order to maintain their active lifestyle.  Many people come into dance with certain health goals in mind.  Whether you're looking for more energy, more strength, reduced body fat, increased muscle tone, better skin, or just overall better health, then visit Studio 18's Advocare Website run and operated by James Smith.  You can become a customer and purchase your products online or you can even become a partner with Studio 18 and help others reach their fitness goals as well.  Ask Studio 18 about how taking dance lessons can help pay for some of the products or ways to get involved.  Visit Studio 18's Advocare Website 

Singles Dance Events

Studio 18 is proud to offer Singles Dance Events every 1st Saturday of the month.  Also as a partner with Match.com Studio 18 offers Singles dance events every few months with Match.com.  Dancing is a great way to meet new people to potentially date.  Stop swiping left and right and start spinning left and right.  Learn dances like Bachata, Salsa, Merengure, Cha Cha, and more.  

Every 1st Saturday from 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 pm

Visit our event and ticket pages here! Singles Dance Mixer

Dance Shoes 

We're proud to offer dance shoes with Danzia.  With the wharehouse located in Sacramento you can shop online and the try them on in person or simply ship them back if they don't work for you.  Visit our Studio 18 Online Store! 

Type in our Coupon Code: DANZIA112914 to save an extra 15% on your entire purchase.

The Sacramento Dazia store is located at: North Market Boulevard, Sacramento, CA

If we don't have what you need there then shop at our local sponsors store Capezios.  Mention Studio 18 and receive 10% off your purchase.  Capezio's is located at 39th and H St. 

Private Lessons, Group Classes & Field Trips

Studio 18 is proud to offer Private Dance Lessons with a sprinkle of group classes on Saturday's.  We focus on private lessons as that is the best way for anyone to learn.  The group classes are a great supplement to the private lessons and a great way to meet new people and make new friends.  We also love to take our students on field trips.  Studio 18 has helped people make many friends over the years.  Come on in and learn to dance while joining a wonderful dance family as well.  Feel free to contact us anytime to schedule a free dance consultation.  Also visit www.dancestudio18.com

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