Here is an awesome list of  evening dance events you can attend with us!

Evening Dances


Ballroom Parties


  We have a fun time with social ballroom dancing on 1st and 3rd Saturdays!  During the dance we play a variety of music, and offer mini-lessons throughout the night to help you learn the ballroom dances.  Ballroom parties are a great way to meet new people, practice what you’ve learned in classes, and to get out on the dance floor having fun!     Saturday, June 3rd 7:45pm - Beginning Tango lesson 7:45pm - Intermediate/Advanced Tango lesson 8:30pm - Ballroom Dance Party Saturday, June 17th 7:45pm - Beginning Waltz lesson 7:45pm - Intermediate/Advanced Waltz lesson 8:30pm - Ballroom Dance Party Saturday, July 1st - Patriotic Spirit Kickoff and Dance Party 7:45pm - Beginning Foxtrot lesson 7:45pm - Intermediate/Advanced Foxtrot lesson 8:30pm - Ballroom Dance Party Saturday, July 15th - Pirates in the Ballroom Party 7:45pm - Beginning Paso Doble lesson 7:45pm - Intermediate/Advanced Paso Doble lesson 8:30pm - Ballroom Dance Party Saturday, August 5th - Summer Gala 7:45pm - Beginning Rumba lesson 7:45pm - Intermediate/Advanced Rumba lesson 8:30pm - Ballroom Dance Party Saturday, August 19th 7:45pm - Beginning Salsa lesson 7:45pm - Intermediate/Advanced Salsa lesson 8:30pm - Ballroom Dance Party  



Capital Latin Dance


  Once a month come by for a Salsa/Bachata Dance Party hosted by Capital Latin Dance!  This is an all ages dance party, where we bring guests instructors from all over California and Nevada.  This party starts with a beg/int. bachata lesson and ends with social dancing until 1 AM.  At these parties, you will experience the Greater Sacramento area Salsa and Bachata communities, as they join Spotlight Ballroom in dancing Bachata, Salsa, Kizomba, Merengue, and Cumbia.  Also regularly featured at our Capital Latin Dances are performances by surrounding area dancers, dance teams, as well as dance contests. It is our mutual hope that we continue the growth of our Latin dance community in the Sacramento area.   See our calendar for schedule: 8:45pm - Bachata lesson 9:30pm to 1:00am - Social dancing



Midtown Stomp


  Midtown Stomp is Sacramento’s premier swing dancing and Lindy Hop venue, and one of the largest swing dances on the West Coast. Each Friday night hundreds of people of all ages and walks of life come dance with us. Join us for an evening of music and dancing that you have to see to believe. Please visit for all of the information, and check out our Lindy Hop Program for information on learning to swing dance.

Coming up on June 9th
7:00pm Lindy Hop Series 2 - Lindy Hop 2 is a series of three classes (a,b,c) that are each four weeks in length and can be taken in any order. Each week we'll teach you new moves, steps, stylings, and techniques you need to become an intermediate level Lindy Hopper.

The Lindy Hop 2 classes can be taken in any order (b/a/c, b/c/a, c/b/a, c/a/b, a/b/c, a/c/b)

7:00pm Lindy Hop Series 1 - If you've taken our beginning drop-in Street Swing class or know the basics of 6-count or East Coast swing and are ready to move on to the next step, then we've got the class for you! During this four week series class we'll teach you the basic moves of Lindy Hop, our favorite dance, and get you comfortable dancing on the floor. Lindy Hop is the original swing dance, often known as Jitterbug, that was created to really swing. No partner is needed but if you have one it's no problem! Stay for the dance (included in the registration price) and practice what you just learned!!
8:00pm Midtown Stomp DJ Night - Friday is the night for swing dancing in Sacramento! Held in our beautiful new dance studio the Spotlight Ballroom. Each week people of all ages and walks of life dance the night away to best Swing, Jazz, and Blues music in Sacramento. You'll even catch live music twice a month ($12 cover charge) featuring the bands from around the world. Some of the musicians in the bands we bring in have played with such legends as Keely Smith, Etta James, Chick Corea, John Lee Hooker Jr., Charles Brown, and many more. Our DJ nights ($9 cover charge) feature a wide varity of music that includes something for everyone. Song requests are always welcome, just talk to our DJ!

You never need a partner because our dances are extremely social and you're sure to make great friends at Midtown Stomp. The dance runs from 9:00pm to 12:00am and there is a introductory lesson at 8:00pm which is included in your cover charge. We also offer "Group Swing Dance Classes" for those who want to take their dancing to another level. Come out and join us every Friday night!

8:00pm Drop-in Lindy Hop - This is perfect class to try if you've done our Street swing class and you're ready to move to the next level. Best of all it's included with admission as well. From 8:00pm - 9:00pm each Friday in the side we'll take you through the basic steps of Lindy Hop.
This is a social class and has the option of rotating partners. No partner is needed.
Please Note: This class is not a series classes and the material does not build on the material from the previous week.
Free with the admission of the dance.



West Coast Swing


West Coast Swing is here every Thursday night!  Come dance to Pop and Blues music.  West Coast Swing is a fun, smooth dance that will put a smile on your face.  Our lessons are social, so no partner required.

  7:15pm - WEST COAST SWING CLASSES Beginning/Intermediate with Tawnie Gadd:  Start dancing here! Intermediate/Advanced with Christina Musser:  Perfect if you understand all the basics, and want more! 8:00pm - DANCE PRICING $8 - Dance only $12 - Lesson and dance $50 - 5-Pack of lessons and dances $80 - 10-Pack of ten lessons and dances Members get in free!  

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